A Morning Prayer for Our President

Dissent is a treasured right in our country, and it must be supported. But how we exercise that dissent ought to cause us to think twice before we write hateful posts or carry degrading signs at a demonstration in support of any cause. As Christians, we are asked to love and pray for our enemies and elected leaders. So whether you voted for or against President Trump, he, along with every President, deserves our prayers, our support, and our dissent when warranted. Can you join me in this a Morning Prayer for Our President?

Lord, I come to you in prayer for President Trump and our country. Give him the gift of diverse counsel and the humility to listen. Give him the wisdom and confidence to make good decisions in handling the daily crises and choices that he must face. Give him the opportunity and the diplomatic skills to promote peace and justice between nations. Give him the courage and strength to stand against our enemies, foreign and domestic, that would seek to do our country harm. Give him the desire, the patience, the skills, and the will to bridge across the differences that so easily divide us. Give he and his family health and safety from physical harm. Give our President and all elected leaders your presence and providence in discerning a path to keep our country strong, prosperous, compassionate, and free. Guide me Lord in respectfully supporting my President where I can and dissenting effectively where I must. May my actions as a citizen be a blessing to this great land and give testament to the impact of my faith in you. In the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to you dear God be all glory and honor. Amen.

May we all be salt and light to a troubled world and pray daily for our leaders no matter who is President. What would you add to this prayer?