Civil Dialogue Training

Learn the communication skills necessary to maintain civil dialogue on difficult issues, whether theological, political, or cultural. Learn how to listen to understand before you attempt to be understood. Find that assertive middle ground between doormat and steamroller. Learn how to disagree without being quite so disagreeable.

In development now, you will soon be able to bring Civil Dialogue Training into your church or community group. The presentation and participative exercises will give you the confidence and the skills needed to initiate and foster civil discourse in even the toughest conversations.

Issue Forums

Although focused on training Christians to be more effective in participating in civil disagreements, our goal is to take the skills learned beyond the walls of our churches to be salt and light for a divided world.

Public forums on timely political and cultural issues will be hosted in cooperation with local politicians. Trained facilitators will lead small group discussions of the issues addressed.

Initial forums will be provided in Ventura County as a testing ground for the effectiveness of the model created. It is hoped that similar forums can be created in other areas in the future.

Videos, Articles and Links

The mission of fostering civil discourse is shared by many organizations and groups. We are committed to collecting compelling and informative videos, relevant articles, and important links to like-minded organizations and providing regular blog posts. Our goal is to provide resources that will keep you posted on advances, lessons learned, and challenges faced in making America civil again.

This service costs you nothing other than the time it takes to visit often. Let us know resources you find that support our mission, and we will honor your contribution in a blog post introducing that resource.


Your Involvement Will Make the Difference

The services we provide are less about providing you with all the answers and more about involving you in making civil dialogue contagious. You will help shape what works. You will be the facilitators who help groups find their way through tough issues. We can't do it without you!

From Ventura County to the World...

Although we will link to like-minded efforts throughout the country, our focus is on mobilizing Christians and churches in the Ventura County. Why? You have to start somewhere, and this is where we are!


Next Steps...

Are you ready to be a champion for Making America Civil Again? Making a difference starts with you. Click here to learn more about scheduled events and how to involve your church in being a force for courageous conversations and contagious civility.