T-Shirts that Invite Conflict instead of Civility

In a recent catalog, the selection of T-Shirts offered speaks volumes about why civility is so rare. I can’t imagine wearing such messages for all to see, but they wouldn’t sell them unless people buy them. It speaks to the divide we are now experiencing. Would you wear these messages on your T-shirt?

“No, I don’t need anger management, you need to stop PISSING me off!”
“I would like to thank my middle finger for always sticking up for me when I need it.”
“I tried being nice to people. I didn’t enjoy it.”
“I may be wrong, but I doubt it.”
“I disagree. But I respect your right to be stupid.”
“I’d love to have a ‘battle of wits’ with you…but you appear unarmed.”
“Can we just admit we may have taken this ‘anyone can grow up to be President’ thing just a bit too far.”
“Remember back when Sarah Palin was the craziest person in politics? GOOD TIMES.”

And this is just one catalog. Watch your words; they matter. In fact, let’s watch the T-shirts we wear.