Alan Cooper’s Song of Political Reconciliation

At 77 years of age, Alan Cooper is living the dream in Blanco, Texas, a small town on the banks of the Blanco River in the Central Texas Hill Country. On Sundays, gets together with a group of local musicians to entertain patrons at the Oak Creek Café.

After reading my column, Doing Your Part to Cultivate Civil Dialogue (, Alan sent me an email: “Dr. Paulson, Reading your column today made me think of a song I wrote right after the election when many acquaintances were shouting at the world and each other about how awful or great the election results were. I call “We Got Shoes” my “political reconciliation song”:

Listen to “We Got Shoes,” but take the time to enjoy the other two songs written and performed by Alan Cooper. I especially enjoyed “America: My Home.” It reminds me that no matter where or when I travel, I can’t wait to get home to America.

It sure would be nice if we could have a few more walking talks across our divide. I suppose that if the walk got to heated…we could run in opposite directions–one left and one right. Then again, there should be no need to. There are too many good people on both sides of our political divide who are embarrassed by those on their “side” who are abusive and aggressive in getting their point across.

Let’s make America civil again…and realize “We Got Shoes!”

Terry Paulson